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Our Massge

 As driven by the principle of unity in achieving impact and granting leadership,we have successfully united our vision in: “building up a professionalcommunity that is capable of providing professional legal services to the public in order to establish justice and build and develop our belovedhomeland”. 

Our Values

1. To highly put our customers’ objectives above all other considerations,care for their claims and keep their information safe and confidential;2. To be sincere, trustworthy and respected; set honesty as a basis for ourtransactions; and be responsible for our businesses and duties;3. To show respect and appreciation to all related stakeholders;4. To always endeavor to master our business, highly pay attention to themost intimate details for the most appropriate information supporting ourclients’ cases and taking the most proper decisions;5. To work as a team with our clients and colleagues; consider and respectdifferent points of views in order to get the right and clearest information.6. To set superiority as our ongoing objective in order to keep achievingoutstanding and satisfactory results in every single work we perform

Our team

We feel very proud for our
great Team

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Our firm handles powers of attorney for its customers and clients, including filing claims, defending, pleading ...


The notary service allows individuals, companies and corporations to issue or terminate powers of attorney; ...

Legal Advices

Our firm renders all types of various written and oral legal advices to individuals, companies and corporations. ...